Mold Remediation
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Mold Remediation

Water damage, leaks and excessive moisture can all lead to the growth of dangerous molds in your home or office.

Removing water and controlling moisture levels are the key to managing mold growth. Due to potential health risks and the spreading of spores into other areas of the home or office, it is highly recommended that mold mitigation is handled by trained and experienced professionals.

IMEX Restoration's team of trained professionals will dry the effected space, contain the mold, properly dispose of contaminated material and work with the home or business owner to find and repair the moisture source, preventing future mold growth.

If you discover mold:

  • Do not touch it with your bare hands
  • Do not breath in mold spores
  • Wear protective clothing, gloves & goggles
  • Completely dry affected areas within 48 hours

Unmanaged mold growth can lead to:

  • Allergy attacks
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma attacks
  • Irritation to eyes, nose, throat, skin and lungs

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