Hail & Wind Damage
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Hail & Wind Damage

Hail is a large frozen ball of rain that is often produced by thunderstorms. When large hail and strong winds combine, they can cause serious damage to your house and property. Generally, the roof, siding, gutters and windows are most commonly damaged.

How will Hail damage my roof?

Hail can hit hard and has been known to break windows and dent cars. Hail can cause soft spots, dents or bruising to your shingles. In some cases the hail will break all the way through the shingle. Hail will also often cause dents or marks on the metal roof venting system. Hail damage MAY or MAY NOT be visible. In addition to the damaging the exterior, hail damage often leads to water damage to the interior of the property. If you think you have sustained hail damage, please call us at (866) 845-7977.

Call our 24-Hour Disaster Response Hotline at 866-845-7977